We want problem solvers!

Fathom create beautiful, innovative software, using modern web technologies to develop cross-platform products for global markets. Our clients range from nimble fintech start-ups to prestigious investment banks.

We’re looking to hire brilliant Information Architects, UX Consultants and Product Designers at all levels to join our talented team.

We want smart, passionate practitioners who are ambitious to make an impact with their solutions whilst working with one of the best teams in London.

Everyone at Fathom is at the top of their game so it goes without saying that you need to be too. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, so you’ll naturally enjoy working in a dynamic, cross-discipline team that often includes our clients.

The right candidate will:

  • Be a superb communicator and story teller. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with our team and clients.
  • Have a broad understanding of the UX process - know when to use it and equally, when not to in order to achieve the best results for our clients.
  • Be adaptive and flexible - We want people that can adapt to any given brief or situation. We need you to think on your feet.
  • Be solution orientated. Whilst it's crucial that you understand the problem, we need designers that focus on the end product. This means thinking commercially and managing your time accordingly.
  • Be detail orientated and enjoy the minutiae as much as always having a handle on the high level solution.
  • Be happy and confident collaborating with visual design and development colleagues to find the best possible design solution
  • Delight in crafting brilliant, elegant UX solutions
  • Love structure and taxonomy
  • Care obsessively about optimising a user’s experience of software
  • Be passionate about learning (for junior – mids) or excited about mentoring (for seniors)
  • Have an interest in the investment banking sector (but no expertise required)
  • Enjoy working closely with clients and forming healthy professional relationships

In return you’ll be given the chance to work with some truly high-profile clients on cutting edge products that will transform businesses.